Several You-tube videos circulating on the internet confirm that 911 was the biggest fraud of the 20th century. One video, with a commentary with it, amply defines how the US intelligence maneuvered to create this drama with the purpose of using it as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. That is why they had raised the bogey of Al-Qaida, Osama and Taliban. The US then invaded Iraq on the pretext of WMDs that were never there from day one. Another report on internet suggests that not a single person saw the two planes ramming into towers though hundreds of people saw them falling. According to this theory, the planes hitting the two towers were a computer simulation. No planes hit the towers, the report says. That is why nobody among the detectives sifting through the rubble found even a scrapping of these planes. The same goes for the so-called plane that hit the Pentagon. Not even its black box could be found. Interestingly, all these reports and video analyses are emanating from United States itself. Success of this drama is that the whole world was befooled and the US was allowed to kill over 100,000 Muslims in Iraq. And the massacre in Afghanistan is still continued. Meanwhile, US has been pilfering the Iraqi oil for more than eight years. Unfortunately, none of the leaders from the Muslim world had the courage to call a spade a spade. Only Mahatir Muhammad of Malaysia said plainly without mincing his words that the whole 911 episode was a demolition by dynamite from inside. But he too said that after he had retired from being Prime Minister of Malaysia. -FARIDUN HARMUZJI, Karachi, January 22.