Lahore - Rising prices is not a new phenomenon, yet the common person tends to compare the current prices with those prevailing during past few years. Prices have substantially increased since 1995, and have shown an upward trend, especially after the current hikes in administered prices. It is now very difficult for people to depend on regular monthly income to make both ends meet. Mohd. Haneef Hasan, a brave individual has voiced out his concern by attaching two protest cards on his body saying "increase in price of sugar and oil is unacceptable and vote is the right of every individual use it with precision and intelligence." He feels that voting is ones right, it should not be wasted by sitting idle; the act of procrastination is just not acceptable. Mohd. Haneef after witnessing horrid incidents started this self campaign as a new year's resolution. He believes that one has to initiate the first step no matter how long it takes to be noticed. The concept of 'every man for himself' is doted upon by this individual; who from the break of dawn till the lights go off is found promoting his cause. The questions that lie here are that why aren't the 'black tainted car glass' officials not coming out for the rescue of their people? Why is it that foreign officials like Hilary Clinton tagging the price-hike a 'mistake'? Where are the so-called intellectuals and saviours gone? Or is it that they have camouflaged themselves in the ever-fading gas and electricity shortage. The public is being suffocated with burden of huge increases in petrol and chronic shortage of gas and electricity, the country's economic situation is far worse than previously thought. Our political arena has been and will keep on playing "blame games"; nobody accepts as to how we have reached this position, where everything but air is not free. Since the New Year massive bombs have been dropped on the much tamed civilization; the outrageous price increase has left the needy and even the satisfied aloof. The government has increased prices of petroleum products from 5.4 per cent to as high as 9 per cent since January 1, 2011. This was done to offset the impact of continuous rise in oil prices in international markets. Inflation is already touching 16 per cent, against the revised target of 14 per cent, mainly due to massive government borrowings from the central bank. Ahmed Rashid in his column, quite simply sums up the dreadful situation of Pakistan, "When crises come to Pakistan they come not as single spies but in battalions".