Ever since the countrys existence, there have been serious challenges to economy, most dangerous of them being the energy crisis. Plainly speaking, power crisis is the outcome of demand and supply gap. Pakistans economy is largely agro-based but it is also home to a great industrial sector, which makes regular supply of energy all the more urgent. In future, if we want to raise our GDP growth level, it is essential that we develop our energy sector and set-up projects like Kalabagh Dam. As a consequence of energy shortfall, thousands of factory workers and even workers in various other sectors of economy have been rendered jobless. Faisalabad, commonly called as the Manchester of Pakistan has been converted into an industrial graveyard only owing to this shortage. We must devise long-term strategies to deal with the menace and put the country on the track of success and progress. AMAT-UL-MATEEN NOOR, Lahore, January 20.