There is an artery which goes to airport from the sector one of the DHA. The condition of this road is so wretched and dreadful that driving car or even riding a motorbike on this road is nothing but inviting trouble if not death. Everyday, thousands of commuters pass through this death trap and curse the rulers, some openly using very dirty language in 'honour of those who are sitting at the helm of affairs. I know at least three 'great political personalities or their families who live in the DHA Sector One. One is our 'beloved Prime Minister, whose family lives here. Second is the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who boasts of his performance everyday. Third is our 'revered MNA Mr Saad Rafiq, who I believe gets millions of rupees for the uplift of his area and the welfare of the people. I wonder where all that money is going. Interestingly, each one of these so-called representatives of people is totally oblivious to the miseries of the people who use Bhatta Chowk route from DHA One to airport. DR. ASLAM JAHANGIR, Lahore, January 22.