KHANEWAL - Pakistan Muslim league-N leadership always worked for the solidarity, democracy and supremacy of judiciary and constitution in the country.

This was stated by former MPA and PML-N leader Dr Syed Khawar Ali Shah while talking to the newsman. He said that the party never compromised on principals and in upcoming election, party would distribute tickets on merit.

He added that Khanewal district is the fort of PML-N and under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, the party’s would-be candidates will win public mandate on both the seats of provincial and national assemblies. He said the PPP-led government had failed to deliver as inflation, poverty, unemployment, power loadshedding and corruption had damaged all the hopes of masses

Dr Khawar said that now the people want change and in the current political scenario early elections was the only solution to bring whole the nation out of crises. He added it was the history of Pakistani politics that people always rejected the politicians who changed their political parties for their personal interests.