Political Deputy of the Afghan Foreign Ministry, Jawid Ludin, said the government would agree if the US transferred Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo to Qatar to reunite with their families.

Jawid Ludin once again stressed on the importance of Pakistan's role in the Afghan peace process.

"The peace process is a long and comprehensive process and we have long been making efforts in this field. Opening an office in Qatar is a step. We hope to obtain tangible results," Mr Ludin said.

He said if the Afghan government has made its position clear and would agree of the US transferred Taliban prisoners to Qatar to reunited with their families.

The US special envoy to Pakistan and Afghan, Marc Grossman, welcomed comments by Mr Ludin, but said many decisions have yet to be made.

"I agree with the point that the deputy foreign minister made, especially the point that he makes in the beginning which is the peace process is a comprehensive and large and complicated process and has many parts , Mr Grossman said.

But the US special envoy said the United States had not yet made any decision whether to transfer the Taliban prisoners to Qatar.

"...it is an issue, in United States, of law. First of all we have to make the requirements of our laws, secondly this is something which we would want to consult with our congress.

Many decisions have yet to be made," Mr Gross said.

Marc Grossman arrived in Kabul on Saturday to meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai and discuss about peace talks with the Taliban.

Mr Grossman's visit took place at a time when the Afghan President was concerned about being marginalised from peace talks. The Afghan government has stressed that the talks should be led by Afghans.

The Taliban group recently announced it had agreed to open an office in the Gulf state of Qatar, but added that holding talks would not mean that the militant group would accept the Afghan constitution. NNI