During the last few weeks, so many events have taken place in Pakistan’s political scenario (both at the local and international level) that the people are totally confused and at a loss to understand the actual story. Three devastating incidents that took place one after the other have had an extremely negative impact on the peoples’ minds: The memogate scandal, followed by the attack of Nato forces on the Salalah checkposts killing 24 Pakistani soldiers, and finally President Asif Ali Zardari’s departure for Dubai, reportedly, for a medical check-up. The combined effect of all these issues has, nevertheless, created a state of hopelessness and lack of trust among people in the government. They have started questioning about the fate of their motherland, since it is now proved that the leadership is incapable of taking the country out of the present mess due to corruption, incompetence and lack of good governance.

Against this backdrop, the people are suffering from the highest inflation in Pakistan’s history; there is an acute shortage of gas, electricity, fuel and other essentials of daily use; the means of communication are unreliable, i.e. the Railways and the PIA; unemployment is increasing and corruption is widespread; and bomb blasts have made the life of the common man miserable. Almost every day, people are committing suicide to relieve themselves of this misery.

The question, however, is: Is this what a democratically-elected government supposed to give to its people - despair, delusion, hunger, poverty, uncertainty, confusion and lack of faith in the future? Certainly, not! It is high time that the government came out boldly with the truth; it needs to develop trust, faith and confidence among the people, if it wants to win the next general elections.

According to Pakistan’s political history, the people have always stood beside the government to face the challenges and turn the tide of time whenever required. Hence, they will surely support the government only if it rebuilds the peoples’ confidence in it and asks them to help take the country out of the present mess. This would, indeed, help the nation take the correct course to create a suitable environment for healthy trade and manufacturing activities, competitive marketing, increased exports, reduced imports and increased foreign direct investments, as well as foreign remittances.

Don’t the people of Pakistan deserve to have a good government? One that has their trust, confidence and faith and they feel that their as well as their children’s future is in safe hands. Don’t our rulers see the writing on the wall and the will of people? Will they ever give up their foul means for personal and party aggrandisement, and work for the progress and prosperity of the entire nation? Will they ever take lessons from history? They must not forget that their final and total allegiance is to the country and people, and not just to their party leaderships.Therefore, the government needs to take the right path and serve the people, as they should be served. May Allah Almighty guide us to truth and put us all on the right path!

The writer is a Karachi-based senior columnist.

Email: rakhshanda.article@yahoo.com