RAWALPINDI - Ambassador of Argentine Rodolfo J Martin Saravia has said that his country will enhance trade relations with Pakistan and Rawalpindi Chamber will be facilitated to organise single country exhibition in Argentine.

He said that Rawalpindi Chamber is playing pivotal role in national economic and industrial uplift and Argentine Embassy will assist Rawalpindi Chamber to endorse trade relations between the two countries. He was exchanging these views with President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) Manzar Khurshid Sheikh during his visit to RCCI here on Tuesday.

Ambassador said that to enhance trade relations between the Pakistan and Argentine, the direct interaction of business community of two sides should be promoted and embassy will cooperate with RCCI in this regard.

He said that Pakistani products are high in demand but there was no effort being made from Pakistan side to further explore the market. He invited RCCI to visit Argentine and organize single country expo to promote local goods and ensured his full cooperation to President RCCI in this regard.

President RCCI Manzar Khurshid said that RCCI motto is to promote business activities within and outside the country to generate revenues for its motherland. He said that it is need of the hour to promote bilateral trade as the prevailing trade volume is around $ 105.29 million which is very low.

He said that RCCI interested to hold a single country Expo in Argentine to promote Pakistani products in the said market and Argentine Embassy must facilitate RCCI in this regard.