It is a fact that the property registrars are appointed after Rs 500,000 bribe is paid. Like everything else in Pakistan, these appointments are also sold, therefore they are duty bound to first earn back this large amount by any means. The property registrars at DHA and Clifton routinely demand one ‘peti’ for a completely legal job. One ‘peti’ in their slang is Rs 100,000. If you do not pay they would find fake excuses to not do the job, costing you more in the long run. The bribe has become an everyday occurrence and accepted as the norm, it almost seems to be the legal fee instead of a bribe. Buying, selling and registering property in Pakistan has become a disgusting and demeaning experience because of these corrupt vultures sitting in these offices.

The concerned ministry and the revenue board must look into the corruption brewing at the property registration offices. NAB must look into the issue as well and investigate how the employees at the registrar’s office live beyond their means and without any scruples or remorse.


Karachi, January 11.