President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that innocent citizens are being daily massacred in Karachi while the government has totally failed to rid the masses of the brutal killings.

In a statement released on Wednesday, PML-N Chief observed that the elements involved in the mass murder need to be unveiled and arrested for resumption of peace.

Furthermore, he denounced the killing of Joint Secretary of the Sindh chapter of the party, Mian Taimoor and the murder of his father, namely Mian Arbab.

Nawaz Sharif also telephoned Mian Taimoor’s uncle, Mian Abrar and expressed grief over the tragic deaths of his close relatives. Nawaz Sharif said that Mian Taimoor was a simple and modest leader and was an asset to the party.

Meanwhile, Mian Nawaz Sharif has also postponed the meeting of PML-N (Sindh) that was to be held Thursday.

Nawaz Sharif has demanded of the government to nab those who killed Mian Taimoor, his father and all of the innocent Karachites.