LAHORE – Senior PTI leader, Ijaz Chaudhary on Tuesday formally announced to back the ideological group led by Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed in the intra-party polls, while the mentioned group announced Chaudhary as their candidate for the slot of president Punjab in the party polls.

It was announced during a workers’ convention organised by PTI ideological group at party office.

Ijaz Chaudhary and Dr Yasmin Rashid along with a few colleagues joined the ideological camp on Tuesday and were distancing from other camp. Chaudhary, who was member of the old guard, was contacted by Aleem Khan’s unity group (newcomers) but Chaudhary refused to join him owing to the stories attributed to Khan for his shady deals to buy loyalties from the opposite camps.

Dr Yasmin Rashid who was basically aligned with Zaheer Abbas Khokhar distanced herself from all the groups in the recent past, finally join hands with ideological group.

Zaheer Khokhar was part of the ideological group, while another big entry to this camp was of Rai Hassan Nawaz, a political heavyweight from Sahiwal.

A moderate gathering of party workers and leaders attended the convention to express support for Ijaz Chaudhary as their contender on Punjab president slot in the upcoming party polls in Punjab.