ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has said that the elected government is completing its tenure despite challenges and the nation is poised for general elections‚ a defining moment in our history.Addressing the participants of National Security and War Course 2012-13 at the National Defence University, he said ‘forces of doom and gloom thrive in environment of chaos‚ uncertainty and instability but we need to guard against all such forces which are out to derail the system that is the result of a protracted struggle’. He said: “we have pursued a policy of strategic patience‚ toleration and reconciliation to lay a foundation for sustainable and stable political system in the country.”Ashraf reaffirmed that the government was committed to free‚ fair and transparent elections which would be held on time under the supervision of the independent election commission.He acknowledged the role played by democratic forces‚ civil society‚ media and state institutions in strengthening democracy in the country.The premier said:“The recent Indian adventures on the Line of Control and wave of terrorist attacks in the country amidst political flux ahead of national elections point towards the enormity of the challenges faced by the country.“Given the varied nature of challenges confronting the country‚ there is need to increase the frequency of such exercises so as to afford wider exposure to elements of national power.”He asserted that the government ‘is fully aware of the intricacy of the situation and is taking all possible measures to maintain stability‚ national cohesion and preserve national interests’. “We have initiated a composite dialogue process with New Delhi to resolve all issues including the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir.”The prime minister said: "Today‚ there is a national consensus on fighting and eliminating extremism and terrorism which threaten not only our national security but also our way of life and we will not allow terrorists and extremists to subdue our will or frighten us.“Terrorism has changed our lifestyles. Though the people of Pakistan‚ its law enforcement agencies‚ particularly the armed forces have rendered unprecedented sacrifices both in men and material in the fight against terrorism‚ yet the international clamor to do more is relentless. We have an independent and vibrant media which has to play a key role. It is now its responsibility to contribute towards national cohesion and project the true image of Pakistan."Ashraf said that the economic diplomacy is an integral part of foreign policy. Pakistan is blessed with immense human and natural resources which needed to be tapped to make Pakistan worthy of its status of a nuclear power, he said.Commenting on Afghan situation, the premier said: “Pakistan supports Afghan owned and Afghan led peace process for achieving intra-Afghan consensus. A peaceful‚ stable and economically developed Afghanistan is vital for Pakistan's own stability.”He said it was important to see what Pakistan could achieve from its geo-strategic position supported by doable policies and provision of requisite resources.The prime minister appreciated the quality of analytical work presented by the National Defence University team, saying that he was encouraged to note that the future leadership in civil and military services was cognisant of the challenges."I have complete trust in the ability of our people and the armed forces to rise to the occasion and work for a peaceful and a prosperous Pakistan."Prime Minister Ashraf urged the participants to pledge to make Pakistan a moderate, progressive and an Islamic welfare state as envisaged by ‘our founding fathers’.