SWAT - A man has demanded of the government to provide him with justice, as the security guards of an MNA allegedly beat his teenage son and his friend the other day.

Talking to TheNation, Rahmat Ali, father of Janan Gul, said a few days ago, the security guards of Member of National Assembly Muzaffar ul Mulk Kaki Khan brutally beat his son and another innocent student of grade eight in front of the MNA. He said both the teenagers were hospitalised due to the grave injuries the security guards inflicted on them.

He said the security guards of the MNA brutally targeted his teenage son and injured him on his head before him but he did not order the guards to stop beating. He said they were still waiting for justice that other MNAs and other notable will take notice of in-justice done by MNA’s security guards. This incident has badly affected our family and we demand justice through media from the high authorities.

Teenage father further said that he went to the help his child, Janan Gul but it was too late. By that time his son and his friend have already received serious injuries. When he went to rescue his kid and his class fellow the security guard physically and verbally abused him too.

According to the eyewitnesses, few days before at Saidu Shairf road, near the Central Hospital the traffic was jam-packed. At the same time, Muzaffar ul Mulk Kaki Khan together with his assigned security guards were passing through the same road.

The traffic jam caused slight delay in Kaki Khan’s car getting out of the jam. The two teenagers Janan Gul and Jan Said were also in a caravan of cars participating in a wedding ceremony, which was also caught in the traffic jam. The unlucky teenagers’ Pickup happened to be standing just in front of the MNA’s escort. The security guards commanded the teenagers to remove their vehicle but not finding a way out due to the huge traffic jam, they couldn’t abide by the security guards’ command. This aggravated the MNA’s security guards and began beating the unprovoked teenagers. Not satisfied, the security guards asked the help of the by-standing police personnel who were happy to participate in the heinous feat. After they had beaten the teenagers to distraction, the guards soothed their nerves by breaking and shattering the windshield and other glasses of the car in which the teenagers was being taken.

Despite making several attempts to contact the MNA for his version by calling on his telephone number, he did not pick the call.

Meanwhile, a  man was killed over a dispute of an old enmity in Serai Gambila area of Tajori Police Station, said police on Tuesday.

They said that Gul Malook and his son Mir Saeed came under attack by their rivals on the way to Gambila bus stand from the village.

 “Mir Saeed received bullets and died on the spot while his father miraculously escaped” they told.

They said that police registered a case against the killers including Rahim Shah and his brother Sarfraz on the complaint of Gul Malook and started investigation.