LAHORE – The pair of Muzzafar Bokhari and Sajid Bokhari with the score of 65.77% emerged as the top pair of the Azhar Nazeer Memorial Bridge Championship held under the supervision of Punjab Bridge Association (PBA) at the Lahore Gymkhana bridge tables.

The pair of Farrukh and Yasser managed to grab the second slot with the score of 61% while the pair of Rashid Nabi Malik and Sajjid Nabi Malik stood third. The best mixed pair prize went to Najm and Muzzafar.

The team event was contested over five rounds and a total of twelve teams from across the Punjab participated in the quest for honorus and prizes. Mind Bridge team comprising Mudasir Rahim, Hamza Liaqat, Salman Qasim and M Imran came out as the top team with 97 victory points as they thrashed Sherdils. The Sabres team comprising AVM Niaz, Air Cdre Qamar Kiani, Yasser Rahim and Farrukh succeeded in coming second in this prestigious championship. Amongst the ladies, Naureen and Nausheen were declared as the best ones.