RAWALPINDI  - Encroachments in different localities of Rawalpindi city have become one of the biggest problems for the residents, while the concerned authorities are taking no action.

Encroachments contribute to traffic mess and trouble pedestrians in many areas of Rawalpindi including Chungi No.22, Bakra Mandi, Lalkurti, Dheri Hassanabad, Tench Bazaar, Dhoke Syedan Chowk.

Residents of the areas talking to INP said that encroachment is the main reason behind traffic jams because encroachers virtually occupy half of the roads. The motorists and pedestrians were facing lots of problems because of the encroachers.

They urged that concerned authorities should play their effective role to remove these encroachers from the roads for smooth flow of traffic.

Imtiaz Sohail, a resident of Tench Bhatta, said that traffic mess in their area is only because of the encroachers, as they occupy both sides of the road with their carts and leave no space for parking which causes worst traffic jams.

He said the authorities just visit the area early in the morning, take away some vendors fruits and other items and after it is free for encroachers  to occupy the roads for rest of the day.

Imran Abbasi, a motorist, said that it is very difficult to cross Chungi No. 22 during the peak hours because the encroachers  make it virtually impossible for the motorists to drive smoothly causing accidents. 

On the other hand, concerned officials never hesitate to claim that they pay surprised visits to remove encroachers from roads and also impose fine on them but encroachments reappear soon after operation and paying the fines.

Meanwhile, residents of Railway Locoshed have voiced protest against delay in construction of boys degree college and illegal occupation of land allocated for college by the land mafia.

Shehr Yar Riaz MPA of the area had got approved a Boys Degree College by the chief minister Punjab and land was also allotted for construction of the college which was earlier used by Calltex.

But this land has been grabbed by the land mafia and they have started constructions with the connivance of the corrupt elements of Railway.

The encroachers have taken the land into their possession illegally due to delay in the construction of the college, said Muhammad Nawaz, a resident of the area.

The residents demanded of the government to take immediate measures for eviction of encroachers from the land and initiation of construction work of the college.