LAHORE – PML-N leaders on Tuesday said Dr Tahirul Qadri was befooling the people by stating that he would not contest the elections.

They said being a Canadian national, Qadri was by law, ineligible to take part in the elections, therefore, it makes no difference if he announces or not.

Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah described Qadri’s announcement as another gimmick and a mean to dupe the masses. He said that the Maulana and his sons were foreign nationals who were not entitled to participate in the elections in Pakistan. “Therefore, Dr Qadri’s statement aims at deceiving the masses only,” he added. He said that the so-called long march ended up at joining of Qadri and Zardari which indeed was the primary purpose of staging the whole drama.

MNA Sheikh Rohail Asghar has termed Qadri statement on contesting elections a non-serious and joke when the fact he has ineligible to take part in the election under the Pakistani law. He said the N-League wants Qadri to contest the election so that he could have assessed his worth and know how difficult it was a job. Now it clear to the whole nation that Qadri loves Canadian politics more than the state of Pakistan.

 Meanwhile, PML– N City President Pervaiz Malik has criticized the recent hike in the petrol price while calling it a part of the PPP’s anti-poor agenda. He said increase in petroleum price means making life of the masses more difficult by raising rates of every basic necessity such as sugar, flour and electricity. He questioned the logic behind increasing the price of petrol at a time when the public was already suffering from problems galore. It is evident that the PPP government is bent upon tormenting the people by continuously making moves that cause them more and more miseries in their life.

Pervaiz Malik said increase in the petrol price does not make sense when the global prices of oil were on the decline.

MNA Sardar Ayaz Sadiq slammed the government’s management of the economy and expressed serious concerns over Pakistan’s Negative Caa1 credit rating by Moody’s. He said that the current government had severely hurt Pakistan’s economy by substantially increasing our outstanding national debts, which now stood at Rs 15.2 trillion or 68.4 per cent the GDP. This meant that our debt servicing requirements were increasing and would limit spending ability of the future governments

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq added that the recent failed talks between the government and IMF for loans and their rescheduling, has put the economy in a difficult situation and the immediate steps were needed to put on the right direction, which the PPP led government was incapable of doing.