AS the populations of the world’s major cities continue to grow, accommodation will become an increasingly sought-after commodity. Now designers in China, with more than one billion inhabitants, have come up with a potential solution. It’s a mobile home called the Tricycle House that has been created for people who cannot afford their own home. It is equipped with an integrated water tank, bath tub and a stove. The bed transforms into a dining table or a bench to make the interior versatile and suitable for any occasions.

The until itself is made of translucent plastic which lets in natural light during the day and the glow from street lamps at night. The house is fitted onto the frame of a tricycle and so can be taken just about anywhere.

It has been created by the People’s Industrial Design and People’s Architecture Office based in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The Tricycle House was made for the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition in Beijing.

A spokesman explained: ‘Private ownership of land in China does not exist. The Tricycle House suggests a future embrace of the temporary relationship between people and the land they occupy. In a crowded Chinese city single family homes can be affordable and sustainable, parking lots are used at night, and traffic jams are acceptable. As a construction method we experimented with folded plastic. Each piece of the house is cut with a CNC router, scored, folded and welded into shape.’                         –MO