KARACHI - Dr Michael Hannahan, a visiting professor from the US, has said that the exchange programme of Pakistani students is a good opportunity to bridge the gap and misperception about the American people and government.Hannahan, PhD is the director of the University of Massachusetts Civic Initiative, stated this while speaking to the journalists here at a local hotel on Tuesday. Pakistani students take active part in the discussion on politics, culture, working of government, living style and rights enjoyed by the American people as well as foreign policy of the US government.Hannahan, who teaches the Pakistani students, who study there in a six week exchange programme, strongly recommended for continuation of such programmes for the students of both sides. Sharing about the programme, he said that State Department haD started a programme for Pakistani students under ‘Pakistani Young Leaders’ programme by selecting 25 students to study in USA for six weeks. The six-week intensive academic programmes for the college and post-graduate students with a purpose to provide an opportunity to deepen their understanding of American society, culture and institutions, he said, adding that level of English, academic abilities, variety of diversity including regions and gender balance are the criteria in selecting the students for programme. Dr Hannahan’s research examines the effects of political campaign activity, especially direct mail and phone banks, besides he has worked for political parties, managed campaigns and political consulting firms, and served as senior advisor to former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift. He teaches America political thoughts, American government, campaign finance and reforms, and Modern political campaigns. Sharing his experience with the Pakistani students, Dr Hannahan said that Pakistani students were punctual and take part active part in the discussion on foreign policy of the US government. He said that stereotype people and misperception about each other is existed both sides, which could be filled with interaction and exchange programmes by understanding each other. He also talked about the initiatives taken by the USAID in Pakistan, saying that American people want right use of money in the development works for which it approved. He said that at least 2700 rooms schools which damaged in the floodwaters in 2010 in Sindh is being rehabilitated through $155 million.  Talking about the any change in the foreign policy in second term of President Obama, Dr Hannahan said that soft and hard diplomacy in foreign policy may continue in the second term of the Democrats. Meanwhile, U.S Consulate General Karachi organized “President Obama’s Sworn in Watch Party” at his Residence, at residence of U.S Consul General’s, which watched by the journalists, industrialists, educationists and others live from Washington DC, USA on Monday night. US Consul General Michal Dodman welcomed the gusts.   Hannahan, a visiting Professor from US also spoke on the occasion with reference to “Civil Rights Movement and 2nd Sworn in of President of Obama” and said that US citizens especially women and young were very much enthusiast in the first term of the Obama’s as President as second tenure is not new for them. Besides, a 10-member delegation of American Journalists who are in Pakistan under “Journalism Exchange Preogram” being run by International Centre for Journalists, also attended the “Sworn in Watch Party” and visited the Karachi Press Club.