DUBAI (AFP) - Yemen needs $716 million in aid this year, or 22 percent more than 2012's requirements, UN agencies said on Tuesday, after improved security enabled a reassessment of the humanitarian situation."We are hoping that we will be able to raise the whole amount so that we can comprehensively meet the needs and save lives," said the head of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen, Trond Jensen."The humanitarian situation in Yemen is urgent and people's lives are at stake," he told AFP in Dubai, warning of high malnutrition rates.Jensen said the United Nations hoped that through "traditional donors, Yemeni partners, and partners in the region we will be able to raise the entire amount".Last year, $329 million was raised from the $585 million that was needed.But this year, the increase in "stability in some areas - the south and north... has enabled reassessments," said Jensen."We found there are more people food insecure than we thought, and we also found that more people are in need of nutrition support than we previously thought."There have been positive developments but the humanitarian situation has not changed," he added.Thirteen million people from Yemen's 24 million population do not have access to safe water and sanitation, while 10.5 million are food insecure, according to UN figures.The southern province of Abyan was the site of fierce battles between Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists and troops which fought for a year over the control of the region.The battle, finally won by government forces in June last year, has led to the destruction of Abyan as residents fled to nearby cities, mainly Aden."The government has been able to regain the territory of Abyan province and we have been successful in returning at least 90 percent of the internally displaced persons back to Abyan," said Naveed Hussein of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.But "the government needs to improve the rule of law," said Hussein, adding that "supporting returns in Abyan is the top humanitarian priority."