When shall we realize and understand that the country is in a state of war, it is facing an emergency situation! The Taliban have now started dictating to us on private TV channels and through TV anchors. Their strategy has changed; they are now targeting personalities, individuals and media people directly. This is to create fear and dread in order to achieve the desired results. The talks offer by the Taliban and a powerful bomb blast close to GHQ at the same time are clear messages that they are not serious about the talks and they believe that the government is joking with them. They have left us with no option but to fight, then I say lets fight.

Please stop useless discussions on television and writing reviews in newspapers. I would say it’s about time our politicians left aside everything else, stopped bickering, personal vendetta, self-aggrandizement, vindictiveness and extremist views or values and should join hands and put a stop to this mass murder.

We must differentiate between Pakistaniyet and Talibanisation and we should strengthen the armed forces, security institutions and law enforcement agencies as well as media to be fully able to fight terrorists. Though our armed forces have tried to combat them but they cannot fight the mindset that has encouraged these terrorists to kill with immunity. Most of us are still wandering as to who is right and who is wrong. That is mostly because our government has not performed well. But on our part what we lack is seriousness. We have not been able to bring in effective replacements in the post-operation areas.

The state and government machinery is not training people as to how to do what is needed in an emergency. People have no idea how many young soldiers have laid down their lives in the fight against ‘Terror and Terrorist’! It seems as if we are not interested in hunger, corruption, lawlessness and other ills that assail our country we are like blind mice running around just to find some morsel so that we could nibble it.

Why is the educated class quiet rather they are more interested in world politics. I would like to ask everyone in Pakistan to wake up and discuss our own problems and expose the corrupt and somehow generate or create a situation whereby we can save Pakistan from terrorists, extremists, sectarianism, and corrupt ruling elite. To stop terror, let us stop terrorism.


Rawalpindi, January 21.