ATTOCK-All Pakistan Clerk Association office-bearers said that they would continue protests till the acceptance of their demands by the government.

The ever increasing price hike is compelling the people to commit suicide, said the president of All Pakistan Clerk Association Attock, Mumtaz Ali Khan Sirhal. He was addressing a protest rally here at Fawara Chowk. Press Secretary Muhammad Altaf Bhakri and a large number of clerks and other govt employees from different departments participated in the rally. The APCA president said that the government was doing nothing but increasing the rates of gas, electricity, petrol and other commodities forcing people to starve and commit suicides.

He demanded that the scales of the clerical staff be upgraded as per the verdict of the ombudsman, pay scales be revised and increased up to 15%. The participants of the rally were holding different placards inscribed with their demands and condemning the ever increasing price hike.