Outlaws went on a rampage and continued to rule the roost in Sialkot district by looting cash, gold, motorcycles and other valuables worth millions of rupees in several strikes.

Sialkot is in the grip of criminals while the police allegedly remained unable to trace the outlaws putting the innocent people at the mercy of criminals. There was no let-up in crime against businessmen. The criminals continued targeting the local traders in Sialkot district due to which the traders were much perturbed in this regard.

Local social, business, religious and educational circles have expressed grave concern over the rising incidents of crimes. They urged the Punjab Chief Minister and police high-ups to make effective efforts to control the crimes, besides making Sialkot a peaceful land and to nab the criminals, which had made the lives of the people miserable.

In village Wadala Sindhuan-Satrah, Daska tehsil, thieves broke into a jewellery shop of Babu Akhtar Hussain and decamped with gold, ornaments, cash, prize bonds and silver worth Rs3.4 million. Satrah police have registered a case with no arrest or clue so far.

In Sialkot city, three unknown armed motorcyclists snatched Rs0.5 million in cash at gun point from trader Muhammad Azam during a major dacoity incident occurred on Sialkot city’s busy Khadim Ali Road. Civil Line police have registered a case, with no arrest.

In Daska city, two unknown armed motorcyclists looted gold ornaments worth Rs0.2 million and Rs10,8000 in cash at gunpoint from Nishat Park Sialkot city based exporter Ali Tariq and his wife, when the couple was eating pizzas while sitting in their car outside a fast food outlet located at Daska city’s congested Nisbat Road locality.

In village Majra, Sambrial tehsil, unknown armed men snatched Rs5,000 in cash and two mobile phones at gunpoint from a police constable Imtiaz Ahmed who was going back to his home after performing his duties. In village Satrah-Daska, four dacoits snatched a motorcycle, Rs30,000 in cash and two mobile phones at gunpoint from village Baigeywali based trader Abdul Ghafar while going to Daska.

In village Saahkey-Wataaliyaan, Daska tehsil, armed men snatched a motorcycle, Rs55, 000 in cash and two mobile phones at gunpoint from a local landlord Muhammad Iqbal at his Dera in the village. Thieves took away three buffaloes worth Rs0.3 million from the outhouse of Qazi Naeemullah Advocate in village Goindkey-Bambaanwala, Daska tehsil. In village Guru Chak-Satrah Daska tehsil, thieves took away a tractor from the Dera of a local farmer Abdul Sattar.

In village Dheerkey-Satrah, Daska tehsil, three armed accused snatched thousands of rupees in cash, mobile phones and official wireless set at gunpoint from Daska Special Branch official Muhammad Saleh, when he was coming to Daska after performing his duties there. In village Wataaliyaan-Daska, two robbers snatched a motorcycle, Rs93,000 in cash and mobile phone at gunpoint from a village Kalleyki Nagra-Pasrur based trader Syed Saleem Shah and fled away.

In Daska, thieves took away Rs42,000 in cash and other Nimko products worth thousands of rupees after breaking the Nimko shop of local trader  Manzur Hussain located at the Thathiyaraan Bazaar Daska city.