The War on Terror, also known as the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ (GWOT) is a term commonly applied to an international military campaign which started as a result of the September 2001 terrorists attacks on the United States. This resulted in an international military campaign to eliminate Al-Qaida and other militant organizations. The United Kingdom and many other NATO and non-NATO nations such as Pakistan participate in the conflict. The phrase ‘War on Terror’ was first used by US President Bush on September 20, 2001. It was typically used with a particular focus on countries supporting militant Islamists, including Al-Qaeda and similar organizations. Although the term is no longer officially used by the administration of US. President Barack Obama (which instead uses the term Overseas Contingency Operation).

Pakistan factually was pro Taliban but after signing the agreement it made a crucial U Turn, arrested 600 Taliban’s and 1500 Al-Qaida activists and handed them over to the United States. Lt General Mehmood Ahmad the Director general ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) was in United States at the time of 9/11 attacks. In fact, he was meeting with republican Congressman Porter Gos and Democratic Senator Bob Graham in Washington, discussing Osama bin Laden over breakfast, when the attacks happened. He was immediately called to meet with American officials who demanded Pakistan’s cooperation, he had a tough time and was told to convey this to the Pakistani government. In June 2004 America came with the proposal of Drone attacks, former president Pervez Musharraf permitted them and the former Pakistan envoy to United States Ambassador Ashraf Qazi signed the agreement.

Pakistan’s government publicly condemns these attacks and Prime Minister has repeatedly demanded an end to the strikes without disclosing that we had already agreed to them. Now the only option to end the drone attacks for good is to file a damaging law suit for a heavy amount against United States of America and NATO in the judicial courts. Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and another Pakistani citizen have already filed a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court. We must first look for the enemy inside who had sold us and then blame others for the continuous loss of life suffered by drone attacks.


Lahore, January 20.