ISLAMABAD - Expressing serious concerns over reports of killing and migration of innocent people due to recent bombardment as a part of a scaled-up operation in north-western belt, the JUI-F said that it was against the operation and will not support it.

“Operation is not the solution of this issue as peace talks could prove fruitful,” said JUI Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rahman, in his reaction on recent joint operation of Army and Air Force concentrated on the hideouts of North Waziristan Agency (NWA).

The JUI-F chief said this sudden attack in NWA would ultimately increased hatred among the people of the area. “How terrorists and innocent citizen could be identified in heavy bombardment,” he posed a question, adding that JUI-F would not tolerate killing of innocent people. “The PML-N has mandated to take decision but as a coalition partner they will not put weight behind option of operation,” he added.

It is relevant here that the jets and helicopter gunships in Tuesday bombarded suspected Taliban hideouts as part of a scaled-up operation in the north-western tribal belt, killing at least 50 suspected terrorists - reportedly, including a top commander.

The JUI-F, a couple of days before on PM’s proposal to engage Maulana Fazlur Rahman in peace talks, has offered ‘jirga forum’ to jumpstart the peace talks.

Welcoming Nawaz Sharif’s offer that other politicians can hold talks with the Taliban. The religio-political party had even commented that it is unfortunate that belatedly prime minister admitted challenges in holding talks by saying that it is not for the government only to hold talks.