PML-Q leaders Raja Basharat, Ch Zaheer and MNA Tariq Bashir Cheema said that all parties conference gave mandate of dialogue with Taliban to PML-N government but they wasted time and could not start dialogue process.

They said that the PML-Q government had left Rs100 billion in the treasury but the Punjab was under the debt of more than Rs500 billion today. They were talking to newsmen here the other day.  They said that the PML-Q government made Pakistan a welfare state by having limited resources but the PML-N made it the state of problems. They claimed that the PML-Q government had gave Rescue-1122, free education for all, free health facilities, Child Protection Bureau to the masses but the present government were snatching such all facilities from the masses. They said that the BHU was established in 1985 to provide basic health care facilities to people, but the government failed to bring improvements in the health care delivery.

They said that PML-N used the office for their personal gains and did nothing for the welfare of people and progress of country despite making tall and false claims as if they had done something sincerely.  They also criticised the Punjab government on the issue of Danish Schools and said that the PML-N government wasted the funds of education only on Danish Schools where only 2,600 children were enrolled till today.

They said that the government had been failed to resolve the masses issues and all governmental affairs were being done through video conferences.

They raised questions over the fairness of Musharraf’s trial on treason charges. They asked the government not to single out Musharraf and proceed against all those who supported Musharraf in his military coup of October 12, including the judges that granted legitimacy to the coup. The PML-Q leaders said that an army chief could never be a traitor. They said, “A traitor is a person who sides with the enemy.”