Unscheduled loadshedding coupled with low pressure of gas has made life of the people miserable. Citizens are compelled to bring firewood to cook their meals and purchase lanterns to light their houses.

The routine of people is being greatly disturbed because of shortage of electricity and gas supply. Social circles said it appeared that things were reverting to stone ages since no government institution was working to deliver. The staff was getting pay from public exchequer but doing nothing, they said and urged the government to take solid measures to end gas low pressure and long hours of power loadshedding to facilitate them.

It was strange that despite increased loadshedding, the consumers receive inflated bills, they complained. They also demanded government to improve performance of security agencies and district administration to protect their lives and properties by controlling unabated incidents of robberies, theft and other crimes.

In Toba Tek Singh, scores of power loom workers staged a sit in at Kamalia against 20-hour a day power loadshedding outside Press Club on Rajana road. As a result, traffic was blocked for two hours on the road. They were chanting slogans against Fesco.

In Sheikhupura, five unidentified highway robbers on Manawala Safdarabad road deprived the dozens of commuters, cash and other valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees on Wednesday. The bandits after seting up a picket on the road looted motorcyclist, car riders and truck drivers on gun point and later escaped from the site. Neither the Manawala and nor Safdarabad police got registered a case due to a conflict on jurisdiction of police station. Victim Jan Muhammad, Feroze Khan, Nadeem and others protested against the growing incident of robbery and dacoity. They also demanded security for the travellers.