It is sad that even the educated do not understand the meaning of democracy but blindly believe that democracy is the only government that can work, under which the previous system of divine right of kings was abolished. Democracy means a system of government, where the people choose their representatives to run the government, only to fulfill their (peoples’) aspirations and needs. These representatives, though, reflect the quality of their electorate, i.e. if the electors are illiterate and ill-disciplined, their representatives too will be just like them and will act selfishly and hedonistically.

Though there is a provision to remedy this malady in such a system, please bear with me and let me narrate the following story to highlight this important point. Henry Ford was dropout from his school, who in 1908 established a factory to mass-produce cars, to make it affordable for the common man. As a result of his innovation, population mobility was made easy. Since many of Ford’s competitors were jealous of his achievements, one of them dragged him to the court, that the undertaking he had acquired was so enormous that Ford, an almost illiterate man, could no more be trusted to handle it properly and thus may damage the state economy at any time.

Ford appeared in court with a bevy of about a dozen highly educated advisors and pleaded to the court that he was not at all ignorant, because he always acted upon the advice and counsel of experts and he could call any of them at any time thus, he claimed, that he was more intelligent than any person in the United States. The court ruled that Mr. Ford’s point was highly justified and all his competitions should emulate rather than grudge him.

Now the reason for narrating the story is that democracy works on the same principle. The people’s representatives may be illiterate, but they are bound by law, to carry out their mission with the help of the well-trained, educated bureaucratic experts. But the State-bureaucracy must also realize this and act patriotically. It is highly unfortunate that we inherited a colonial bureaucracy, which was trained only to help the colonists to maintain their hold on a foreign country. There were no people’s representatives, but only the foreign autocrats. This system of a parasitic bureaucracy continues to this day. Our population remains illiterate and all kinds of shortages and ill-intended laws continue to operate. There has to be a change before we apply democracy as the best rule.


Muzaffargarh, January 20.