Our national dilemma evolved over years, we are only loyal to our own tribes, cast, institutions and all this precede loyalty and commitment to Pakistan. This has adversely impacted our foreign, fiscal, security and intelligence gathering agencies. The decision to provide sanctuary and become a base for jihad fought in Afghanistan, was dictated by USA interests, who wanted to perpetuate their rule. They were oblivious to the backlash such misadventures were bound to happen.

With half our foreign service bureaucracy, holding foreign nationality, and political choices like Haqqani, to serve as ambassadors, our international isolation and misrepresentation should not come as any surprise. In any other country, alarm bells would have rung, if those holding sensitive assignments in security establishment, or civil bureaucracy holding senior posts, leave Pakistan immediately after retirement.

The state has abandoned its primary role to regulate education, health, utilities, transportation and food production by appointing regulators who protect interest of traders and businessmen, to detriment of citizens. A country that allows its foreign or fiscal policies to be decided by men who have pledged loyalty to foreign nations, is bound to be engulfed in the quagmire that we see today. Where else can full page advertisements be published, offering homes in another country for cores, when there are restrictions of transferring foreign exchange on citizens?

Obviously systemic loopholes serve interest of those who make such policies, owning assets abroad, which are used by criminals to transfer their tax free black market billions abroad. Time to recognize this cancer and take evasive measures, otherwise fate of 200 million Pakistanis is doomed.


Lahore, January 13.