Some cabinet members are issuing confusing statements, they claim that no irregularity has been detected in their performance. They pretend that all existing problems have been inherited from predecessor governments. This argument defies logic. It is the responsibility of the government to keep a watch on the activity of its functionaries and not of any other person to dig or unearth their malpractices. It is time for the rulers and their detractors to realize that lying to people and exchanging accusations of corruption is not a good prescription for the solution of difficulties faced by the masses, who being criushed under the heavy weight of high cost of living and low wages.

Each ministry should publish a six month report on its achievements and the next plans. They are also accountable for the budget they are allotted and how they used it. The government needs to act substantively and positively to resolve the issue of economy and to enable it to provide relief to the poor rather than satiate the greed of the privileged class. They were elected to serve the country not their personal interests!


Islamabad, January 14.