The Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Asim Bajwa revealed the 'facilitators' behind Bacha Khan University attack in a press conference today. Bajwa revealed the details of inquiry into Wednesday's Charsadda attack, which killed 21 people.

A recorded telephone conversation between the 'terrorists and a reporter' was revealed to the press, which showed the militants claiming responsibility for the attack.

Bajwa said 10 calls were made during the Charsada attack on Wednesday. "All of them were from Afghanistan," he said adding that “The SIM numbers were Afghan and the attack was controlled from the Afghan territory."  

The DG ISPR also said that there was a reporter inside Pakistan who kept the perpetrators updated about all the developments but said that he couldn’t name him yet.  "One of the calls traced during the attack was made by a facilitator from the number 0093774021675 to a reporter in Pakistan."

According to Bajwa the militant told that reporter that the people who have attacked the university in Charsadda were his men. The reporter responded saying that it was a university and the attack resembled the Army Public School (APS) Peshawar attack. "It's true", the militant said, "but these people are part of the same system due to which we are being targeted".

When the militant was asked how many people had broken into the university, he replied that there were four people and all of them were in contact with him. The miliant told the reporter that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will shortly release the video claiming responsibility for the attack.

The reporter asked him if those inside the university were suicide attackers. The militant replied that all of them were suicide attackers and were named Umar, Usman, Ali and Abid. When the reporter told him that two of the perpetrators were dead, the militant replied that the information was wrong and only one of them had died while the other three were still carrying out the operation.

While addressing the media the DG ISPR said the militants crossed the border from Torkham border checkpost as civilians. “From the border the facilitator brought them to Mardan where they resided in two houses,” he said.

“Their weapons were bought from Dara Adam Khel by two female relatives of the facilitators." He added that normally the women wearing burqas are not checked by the security agencies.

Bajwa told the media that the attack was operated from Afghanistan. "Commander of the terrorists was Umar Narray and he, along with his deputy, was directing the terrorists while sitting in Afghanistan."

He further said that five facilitators who helped execute Wednesday's terror attack on Bacha Khan University in Charsadda town of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were apprehended. “We killed four attackers and apprehended their five facilitators. Raids are being conducted to arrest another facilitator, his wife and niece,” Bajwa said during the media briefing in Peshawar. 

Bajwa further claimed one of the facilitators, Adil, is a labourer and he was working in the Bacha Khan University a few days prior to the attack. “He did gave information to the terrorists. He helped them get to the back side of the campus, on a rickshaw” Bajwa told the media. “The attack was orchestrated with the help of local people. This is a major loophole in our society. We all have to work together to curb terrorism".

He said that one of the militants murdered in the attack was identified as one Amir ur-Rehman, who belonged to South Waziristan while the other three were not yet identified. Facilitators of the attack Mistri Adil, Riaz and Noor Ullah have been arrested, said DG ISPR.

Bajwa further said helplines have been provided to the locals. “People have to be vigilant about their surroundings to curb these terrorists,” he said. “Terrorists want to create atmosphere of fear but we have to remain calm, vigilant and united."

While answering a question he said that Pakistan shares 2,600km border with Afghanistan and it is humanly impossible to seal it completely. “We are working on border safety mechanism and we have been asking the tribal elders to cooperate,” he added. “Operation Zarb-e-Azb is under way successfully and we will complete the operation this year. “Terrorism is a global issue but it has significantly decreased in Pakistan. We will overcome it in the year 2016,” he concluded.