MOHMAND AGENCY  - About 87 local seminaries have been registered in the three sub-divisions of the Mohmand tribal region here on Friday, officials said. Assistant Political AGENT Haseeb-Ur-Rehman Khalil told The Nation, that the local administration has started registration of local seminaries in the three sub-divisions Upper Mohmand, Lower Mohmand and Biazai of the tribal region.

He further told that the registration has been started on the directives of FATA secretariat. It is the first time that government started registration of seminaries in the area however some seminaries were demanding of the local’s administration for cooperation in respect of funding such like provision of teaching staffs and water supply arrangements.

It will be mentioned here that the local administration have conducted various programs such as speech competition, after party and sports festival for seminaries students on various occasion.

The seminaries teachers and organizers also hold meetings with the locals’ authority and officials on various occasion and they agreed for government registration.