ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Friday said that Afghan side has not yet responded to Pakistan’s proposal to resolve cross border flow of signals.

Due to the spillover of cellular signals, terrorists have been allegedly using Afghan SIMS to carry out attacks in Pakistan.

“To address the spillover effects of mobile signals at Pak-Afghan Border, the PTA had approached Afghan Embassy in Pakistan through Pakistan Foreign Office in August, 2014  but despite several reminders no response has been received so far,” said a PTA official.

He said that after realising that terrorists and criminals were using Afghan SIMs in Pakistan for kidnapping, ransom and other terrorist activities, the PTA directed local mobile operators to block roaming of neighbouring country’s SIMs in Pakistan.

“The roaming was blocked but in border areas the issue sustains,” he said, adding these SIMs can still be used in border areas due to the spillover of signals.

He said that Pakistan not only wants to settle use of Afghan SIMs in Pakistani areas but also use of Pakistani SIMs in the Afghan areas.

He said along with resolving the current issues the PTA is seeking a long-term cooperation mechanism with the Afghan counterpart to proactively resolve future issues also. “We want to sign a memorandum of understanding between PTA and Afghan Telecom Authority to cooperate on all security issues related to telecommunication,” the official said.