LAHORE - Several flights were cancelled, delayed and diverted due to different reasons yesterday, said an officer of CAA.

Dense fog at other airports of the country some flights were diverted to Lahore airport. Three flights were diverted from Peshawar to Lahore because of bad weather at Bacha Khan International Airport including Qatar Airlines flight QR-600 operating from Doha to Peshawar, Air Blue flight Abu Dhabi to Peshawar and Shaheen airline NL-785 from Dubai to Peshawar were diverted to Lahore airport.

CAA officer said that after normalisation of weather at Peshawar Airport these flights would be dispatched to Pincluding a Flight operation at Lahore airport remained disturbed due to airport concerned.

Apart from this due to shortage of planes and technical reasons 15 flights were canceled from Lahore airport while the flights in same number delayed due to which passengers had to face problems.

Those cancelled of Shaheen airline on Friday included NL-718 from Jeddah to Lahore and NL-146 Karachi-Lahore and NL-147 operating between Lahore-Karachi.

Among PIA’s flights cancelled were Pk-798 operating between Toronto-Lahore, Pk-264 Abu Dhabi-Lahore, Pk-381 Lahore-Karachi, Pk-312 from Karachi-Lahore and Pk-316 operating between Karachi to Lahore.

Air Blue two flights operating on Lahore-Karachi Sector were cancelled and one flight Sharjah-Lahore was also cancelled.

Saudi Airline’s flight SV-3735 operating between Jeddah-Lahore and SV-3738 were also cancelled.

Shaheen airline flight 729 Lahore-Jeddah was also cancelled, while air Blue flight 476 operating between Lahore Madina was also canceled due to non availability of aircraft.

Those flights which were delayed included airlblue flight 407 on Lahore Karachi sector was delayed by two hours, while flight from Karachi to Lahore was also delayed by one and half hours.

PIA’s flight from Lahore to Kuala Lumpur was delayed by eight hours, and flight coming from Kuwait was delayed by nine hours. PIA flight operating between Lahore-Kuwait was also delayed by five hours.

Many other flights of Airblue, Shaheen and Saudi airline were delayed by hours due to different reasons.