SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, the All Parties Hurriyet Conference (G) has said that India wants to eliminate its ailing Chairman, Syed Ali Gilani , in a slow death by keeping him under continued house detention.

According to Kashmir Media Service, (KMS) the APHC (G) spokesman, Ayaz Akbar, in a statement in Srinagar said that Syed Ali Gilani , despite being unwell, continued to remain under house detention and was once again barred from offering the Friday prayers. “The process of his illegal house detention started in 2010 and continues till date. The authorities are silent as to how long will this extraordinary imprisonment continue,” he said.

Ayaz Akbar said that the main reason for Syed Ali Gilani’s ill-health was his continued house arrest. “This way the Indian government wants to eliminate him in a slow death. The Government of India is following the footprints of Israeli government and wants to eliminate Syed Ali Gilani just like the Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat was killed, but they don’t want to take the blame. That’s why the government hasn’t produced any written order on the house imprisonment of Syed Ali Gilani for the past five years and officials sometimes don’t even hesitate in telling the white lie that he is a ‘Free Man’ and not under house arrest,” he said.

The spokesman said that prominent doctors had also said that restrictions on the movement of the APHC (G) Chairman were taking a heavy toll on his health and his continued confinement to the four walls of his house was making him weak day by day and the immune system of his body was also getting badly affected. “This opinion of doctors has been published by some prominent newspapers which generated a hope that the authorities will end the house imprisonment of Syed Ali Gilani and the police force deployed at his residence will be removed. But nothing like that happened and despite being ill from last two weeks, he continues to remain under detention,” Ayaz Akbar added.