“We had become a nuclear power by fall 1983 and early 1984. I had informed the then President General Zia ul Haq that we were in a position of launching full-scale nuclear explosions on a seven-day official notice. But due to the Afghan Jihad and a number of related factors, our plan got delayed as General Zia was reluctant and we finally achieved this milestone in 1998.”

–Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, 2012.

Dr. Qadeer Khan is widely knows as the founder of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program and is regarded as a national hero. Pakistan successfully tested its nuclear capability in May 1998. In March 2001 President Musharraf made him his adviser in science and technology. In 2004 he was sacked form this position and was put under house arrest after his confession of passing nuclear secrets to other countries. In his Televised address Dr Khan offered his regrets and apologies and took full responsibility for his actions. But later he revealed that he made that declaration under state pressure. On 9th Feb 2009 A.Q Khan was finally released form his house detention. This statements are often controversial and have marred his reputation to some extent. However no one is quite sure if he shared state secrets with North Korea and Libya himself, or under state pressure.