ISLAMABAD: PEMRA has imposed fine amounting to Rs 100000 on a private TV channel for using obscene, immoral and uncivilized language in its programs.

According to a statement issued by PEMRA, the private TV channel used highly obscene, vulgar and unethical language in its 3 programs. PEMRA took notice of it and referred the case to PEMRA Council of Complaints (PCC) Karachi for deciding the matter under PEMRA laws against the channel.

A meeting of PCC was held under Professor Inam Bari on January 14, 2015. The PCC after hearing the stance of TV channel representatives and watching all the recording unanimously recommended to levy penalty of Rs 100000 on private TV channel.

Chairman PEMRA has accorded approval to it under the powers conferred upon him by authority. The notification for implementation of fine has been sent to the respective TV channel.

In the event of nonpayment of fine by the said private TV channel within 15 days, the case would be presented in the meeting of authority for further action.