Returning from college I met Waqas, a young, well-dressed guy holding a file in his hand. He was a blind. He asked me if will guide him the way to gate no.2. It was a sheer coincidence that I was also going the same. He had to catch bus to get to railway station as he was going to Gujranwala. I held his hand and proceeded towards the gate. He was student of political science and had done graduation from Punjab University obtaining 62%. I was surprised when he told me that blinds graduate in ordinary way as we did, with no special syllabus or paper checker. It might be a matter of utter surprise for those who barely pass their matriculation.

Let me bring in your notice what is of complete surprise for all of us that Arshad Mehmood Abbassi, a blind professor of an Islamabad based university has qualified CSS in recently held examination, obtaining 11th position and qualifying for foreign services. This guy has left behind an example for us and proved that nothing is hard nut to crack if you stand still. No one points out that it is your mistake of being disable but everyone must points at your failure while being able to pass.

I am happy at the success of this man of courage but besides all, my conscience keeps on condemning that what I have done of my eyes? If a guy with no sightedness is able to crack the nuts than why don’t we? Why don’t we bother to take a bird’s eye view of these living success stories?? We need to learn lesson from them.


Lahore, December 9.