NEW DELHI: Indian Police has started strict checking of Afghan nationals entering the country after an Afghan national with heroin in his stomach worth Rs two crore was arrested by Indian agencies at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

According to reports, Ghulam Rabani, 43, had come to India on medical visa but did not go to any hospital. Investigations revealed that he had brought heroin from Afghanistan and since he was unable to sell them here, he was on his way back to Herat.

After swallowing 57 heroin-filled capsules worth Rs2 crore, the Afghan national fell unconscious at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and fought death for 27 days. The police waited patiently for his health to get better to arrest him.

“On November 3, Rabani was going to Afghanistan by Kam Air when he was offloaded by the airline as he was not well. The condition of the passenger was such that it raised suspicion. He was sent to AIIMS Hospital and the doctors were consulted. During treatment, it was established that the passenger had swallowed a large number of capsules. He was operated upon by the doctors who took out 57 big capsules from his stomach and rectum,” DCP (airport) Sanjay Bhatia said.

After his arrest, police is now scanning other Afghan nationals who come to India for medical treatment. The capsules ingested by him were made of polythene. The total weight of the contraband was 525 grams.

“But it was just a tip of iceberg as we were waiting for him to get fit. Upon interrogation, he disclosed the name of one more person, who was involved with him. He had brought this heroin from Afghanistan and part delivery of the drug was given to a local man. A person called Qadir Ahmad, who was arrested in December, arranged for his stay in Bhogal. He got a SIM card on forged documents,” Bhatia added.