Pakistan is a diverse country, from Gilgit Baltistan to the shores of Arabian Sea it has diversity all round. People of Pakistan are of different colours, faiths and cultures. The idea behind the creation of Pakistan was “Muslim Nationalism” according to which Muslims and Hindus were separate Nations within Indian subcontinent. The idea did not negate the individual cultural identity of the Muslims of the region.

Unfortunately, the idea of Muslim Nationalism got replaced with Pan Islamism after the independence. Punjabi – Urdu speaking ruling elite turned Pakistan into Theo – democracy instead of a democratic Muslim democracy. The 1970’s Elections divided the two wings into Bengali Nationalists and Muslim Socialists, both secular ideals. It created a very odd situation for the rightist Pakistani establishment as there was a fear that if both political sides take a pragmatic approach and agree to some political arrangement for the future of Pakistan, it would most likely be secular.

Sheikh Mujeeb was picked up from his residence in Dhaka on the night of 25 March and shifted to West Pakistan where he remained until the fall of Dhaka. No efforts were made during those months for reconciliation. It seems like nothing has been learnt from the tragedy.


Australia, December 16.