Indian media is behaving in a highly provocative manner regarding China and it might because there are serious consequences, warned an Indian national settled in China.

In a letter to Editor, published by People’s Daily, he analyzed in detail Indian media’s role in creating country’s hostility towards its neighbors.

The successful test-firing of India’s long range ballistic missile, purchase of Rafael fighter jets from France and selling of weapons to Vietnam should have been reported objectively. There is no need for the media in India to be so subjective by coining phrases like they “cover entire China’’ & "to counter the Chinese threat.’

India has very serious issues at home. It’s highly regretful that in spite of 70 years of independence from the British colonial rule, India has the largest number of malnourished kids in the world, biggest number of people, who don’t have access to toilets. Go on any train journey in India, open the window early in the morning and watch this spectacle of people defecating openly in ‘Incredible India’. 

India is very proud of the country’s so called ‘demographic dividend’. High numbers of youth in India are wrongly regarded as an asset. This constitutes a big liability in the absence of proper education and job access.

Unemployment is highly prevalent in India. Majority of youngsters all over the country vie to get a government job through hook or crook. Their underlying motivation is that Indian government departments are highly overstaffed, have zero accountability plus offer plenty of ‘under the table’ money making opportunities.

All over the country, whenever even job vacancies for sweepers/cleaners are advertised in government departments. Millions of job applications come from the so called ‘bright youth of India’ with graduate, post-graduate, engineering and MBA degrees. Is this India shining, where a highly educated youngster is happy to work as a cleaner?

India is highly divided across caste and community lines. People don’t come out to protest about the absolute failure of government on all fronts. Caste/communities unite and block roads, railway tracks for days on end, indulge in arson, violence, killings and rapes in the name of demanding government job reservations.

This phenomenon is common across the whole country. Political parties vie with each other to offer reservations in government educational institutions/jobs to these hooligans, in order to develop caste vote banks. These illogical government decisions are then put on hold by the courts. This continues for years with no end in sight.

If every community in India is so backward, why don’t rename the country as ‘Backwardistaan’? (The land of the backwards) at least it would provide a lot of Western aid to India. This can be utilized for the forward march of India and its billions of communities. Vast number of which claim themselves as royal/martial race etc. in private conversations but have no shame/guilt in demanding reservations as backward communities.

India is nowhere close to China in spite of both countries being neighbors. The majority of girls in India cannot marry a life-partner of their choice. They dare not venture out by themselves in many parts of the country. Women can’t enjoy an evening with friends over a few drinks without being falsely labeled as whores and facing molestation/rape threats.

Indian media should focus its attention towards waging a war against the aforesaid grave issues facing the nation. Media should create mass awareness in Indian society about how the hypocrite, backward, corrupt attitude of the establishment is harming the country.

Print/electronic media in India should educate the masses about the much needed social/political reforms in the country. It is futile for Indian media to behave in an arrogant manner by threatening China, which is far more advanced/developed than India in every sphere. Indian media should focus on the successful transformation of China from a primarily rural economy in the 50’s to an established global power in the present times.

War-mongering and a hawkish attitude towards China would not bring anything to India except a sense of false/misplaced pride. Good relations with China can positively transform India and its vast population in a very short span of time.

Indian media should concentrate on mending fences and improving ties between China and India thereby creating a positive synergy between these two ancient civilizations.