ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the documents released by foreign media have proved that Maryam Nawaz is the owner of Mayfair flats.

“Lie of those who have plundered national wealth has come to open despite all tactics. They are being seized now no matter how much they are trying to conceal it”, he said this while talking to media outside Supreme Court today.

He said "if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is truthful then he should go to court. PM should not use state news agency for personal purposes."

Imran said that Nawaz Sharif accepted on the floor of the house that he had all the proofs and record after ICIJ released Panama Papers. He said instead of submitting evidence they are using different tactics.

PTI chief said the PML-N is mum over the recent report of BBC about purchase of flats. He questioned that if prime minister is right than why is reluctant to go to the courts. Imran said these reports have exposed the lie of Sharif family.

He said Sharif used state news agency to reduce the pressure of documents released by foreign organizations. PTI chief said Nawaz Sharif used state news agency for running a wrong story which had no base.

Imran said Sharifs entire money trail collapses with new ICIJ revelations and Qatari letter is fabricated. He asked that if Nawaz Sharif is speaking truth why doesn't he sue ICIJ and BBC? He said in his speeches Nawaz Sharif has reiterated his own involvement in the family businesses.

He said Nawaz Sharifs lawyers have tried to separate him from the family business now.