“I’ve spent half my life in gyms, if not more, and I love physical fitness and health.”

–Steve Nash

In this day and age becoming physically fit has been made easier due to the availability of accessible gyms in every corner of the world, but what about those individuals who wanted to work out in ancient times before the creation of gyms? Sure manual labour was popular and that often eliminated the need to work out for majority of the population but many found themselves to be competent at certain sports and thus felt the need to build upon their present talent, like the Greek who were mainly known for running, jumping, throwing and fighting.

The first ever public place for people to gather at for the mutual task of exercising was called a ‘gymnasia’ which was made by the Greek. Only a selected few had the privilege of exercising in those gyms. Soon the idea was adopted by many schools who build indoor gyms in school campuses to facilitate the students. As technology and machinery developed, today’s modern gyms were created packed with all sorts of equipment begging to be used. Though a pretty straight forward evolution, it is one that surly changed the nature of sports and exercise by not only making it reachable to a wider number of people but also encouraging careers in related fields thus leading to greater levels of physical fitness. With the advent of technology and social media, the question of which time period actually taking advantages of the facilitates available to them is once that we all should reflect on.