KANDH KOT : The operation against the dacoits in Katcha area is still underway as police burned down ten hideouts of the dacoits and arrested 12 suspects.

According to details, police had started the operation against the dacoits after a police official was gunned down by the dacoits three days ago in Katcha’s Gablo area. Police had sealed the entire areas and started an operation in the Durrani Mehr area.

On the other hand, the wanted suspects had already fled their houses just ahead of the police operation. Police set ten of the dacoits’ hideouts on fire and arrested 12 suspects from the area.

Moreover, police set up 20 check-posts in Katcha area and started checking at all the exit points. However, they haven’t been able to nab the real suspects so far and the case of the police official’s murder and injuring of three other officials hasn’t been filed.