KARACHI - Pakistani rulers lied to the nation on the issue of Dr Aafia Siddiqui therefore Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution should come into force against them, said Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui during a press conference at her residence here on Sunday.

She said that January 19 was a black day indeed in the history of Pakistan because Pakistani leaders once again betrayed “the daughter of the nation” on this day. They missed a “golden opportunity” that would have given them dignity and a much-needed booster to the morale of the Pakistani people, she said.

Fowzia said that rulers had double standards; they were safeguarding the interests of politicians and not of the ordinary citizens. She said that Aafia’s supporters worldwide wanted to know what was next for her and they wanted to protest and demonstrate in her support. She emphasised that securing the release of Aafia should be the first and foremost priority of any democratic government in Pakistan because her sufferings were the result of an illegal and inhuman act of a dictator.

She said it was not an issue of an individual woman; it was an issue of national dignity and honour. She regretted that the government was not discharging its duties in this regard as per Constitution of Pakistan. Every second Aafia spends in the US jail affects Pakistan’s dignity and value of its green passport, she said.

She said that successive governments had lied and deceived the nation in the Aafia case. She said that current and former rulers should be tried under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.

She asked, “If the Nawaz government claims it is taking steps to repatriate Aafia, why did not it take me or our attorneys into confidence on this issue?”

Regarding the new administration in the US, she said that Aafia's case was not dependent on any individual. “It is a humanitarian issue at its core and has a universal appeal. We will appeal to President Donald Trump to dispense us justice in this case on merit.”

“I want to let our Pakistani politicians know that their role in the Aafia case will be a decisive factor in 2018 elections. The people have seen their true faces and the Aafia case has once again has provided us the litmus test for who is true to the nation and who is not.”

She lauded efforts of all political parties and human rights organisations, which became part of the Aafia Movement and joined peaceful demonstrations for repatriation of Aafia.

Speaking on the occasion, Pasban President Altaf Shakoor said that incumbent rulers had harmed their political credibility by shying away from writing a simple letter. He said, “We will go for more peaceful protests to highlight the issue of Dr Aafia’s detention.”

HRN Karachi chapter president Intikhab Alam Soori appealed to US President Donald Trump to make dispensation of justice to Aafia part of his party’s agenda.