Islamabad- Speakers here at the monthly socio-literary programme of Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) on Sunday called for uniformity of syllabus, provision of justice and freedom of faith for every Pakistani.

The literati of twin cities while taking part in the NPC’s monthly programme of Nuqta-i-Nazar, viewed that the progress of an individual and that of a society were co-related in all aspects.

Therefore, it was imperative to everybody to do his best to achieve the goals and targets fixed in every sphere of life, they added.

They said the foremost target in this regard should be abiding of rules and regulations and disposal of ethical and moral responsibilities for an individual, besides the implementation of uniform syllabus, justice, law and order and freedom of faith for every Pakistani. This would inter alia result in the progress of the whole nation, they added.

The topic of the discussion was `our individual and collective targets for the year 2017 in connection with nation building’. Fareedullah Khan, senior member executive committee NPC presided over the session while eminent scholar and educationist Prof Iqbal Afaqi was the chief guest. The discussion, conducted by Anjum Khaleeq, was participated by scholars and writers, including Dr Saba Javed, Dr Naheed Akhtar, Wafa Chishti, educationist Muhammad Akram, Tazeen Akhtar, Munira Shameem,

Salma Siddiqui, Shaida Chishti, Khaleeq ur Rehman, Nawaz Satti, Haider Farooq and others.

In his presidential address, Faredullah Khan said,” It is high time for us to establish our identity as Pakistani only instead of giving any reference of the cast, creed, language or province. This is the spirit of the ideology of Pakistan set forth by Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal.” He also maintained that the NPC took it as a contractual obligation to safeguard and promote the ideology of Pakistan.

Prof Iqbal Afaqi said that the society was a blend of most faithful, loving and patriotic individuals who rightfully demand for the protection of their civil and fundamental rights. “However, as Pakistani, we should now do our best in the individual as well as collective capacity to establish ourselves and our country as a responsible nation,” he added.