The people of Sheikhupura are highly thankful to their government, especially Rana Tanveer Hussain, for the establishment of regional passport offices. Unfortunately, despite the passage of about a year since its inception, its working is yet to be streamlined. It is housed in a posh locality of the city where in instances of rain or shine, the applicants are made to stand outside in the long queues to suffer the vagaries of the natural elements. 

Only one day a week, Thursday, is reserved for receiving the applications. The computers are not looked after properly as no stabilisers are attached to them so they burn out frequently. There is no system for turn-wise calls for interviews, no functioning telephone inquiry number, no notice-board outlining instructions for applicants’ guidance and a lack of any public seating facility. Worst of all, absolutely no concern is shown to the senior citizens who are made to suffer the frantic hassle that generally prevails here. 

The net result of this is that the applicants are forced to seek the assistance of the ubiquitous passport agents, standing on the nearby roads enticing the gullible applicants to get their work done, provided they pay an extra-large fee. The worthy Interior Minister is requested to order the rectification of the pandemonium prevailing immediately. 


Sheikhupura, December 17.