US President Donald Trump’s latest tirade against an old ally Pakistan remains subject of heated discussion both in the government and private circles throughout the country with a lot of concerns as well as determination to remain united to face all challenges boldly, squarely and courageously. 

The federal cabinet in its meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Islamabad the other day has reviewed the situation in some detail, and unanimously endorsed the bold stance earlier taken by the National Security Committee over recent statements by the American leadership. 

According to the reports in the media, the cabinet has quite rightly and forcefully termed the recent statements by the American leadership as quite disappointing and detrimental to the bilateral relationship between Islamabad and Washington which has developed over many generations. 

It emphatically pointed out that Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifices, both in terms of loss of precious human lives and substantial damage to the national economy. Achievements secured in curbing the menace of terrorism have been duly acknowledged throughout the world, and Washington at times also acknowledges Pakistan’s determination. But at the same time keeps asking to do more to eliminate safe havens of terrorist networks from its soil. Although Islamabad has repeatedly been stressing that it is following the policy of eliminating terrorists, militants and extremists from its soil without any discrimination whatsoever, and Pakistan has been asking Washington as well as Kabul to do more in Afghanistan themselves. 

Islamabad has already stated that there will be no hasty reaction to statements topped by that of the US President and both its civil and military leadership told Washington in so many words that we want to trust and respect each other. Somehow, the US leadership refuses to listen to all this which is not a good and friendly attitude towards an old ally. 


Lahore, January 4.