Countries declared underdeveloped and those like Iraq, Libya, etc which disintegrated from within, under so-called redrawing of geographical boundaries, have one common denominator, which is the role of corrupt public office holders holding dual nationalities. A glaring example is the role of Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi who fled in 1958, lived in exile in America and UK, where he founded Iraqi National Congress, funded by the USA in 1992. He reentered Iraq when it was invaded in 2003 and played a key role in framing fake allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

Our own history has numerous glaring examples of the role played by Mir Jaffers who facilitated East India Company to colonize subcontinent and others like Unionists of Punjab who collaborated with British, opposing both Muslim League and Congress, because they wanted the occupation to persist. 

It is precisely for this reason that most sovereign independent states forbid their public office holders to hold foreign nationalities or any other permanent resident status. Similarly, the 1973 Constitution clearly states that those aspiring to hold public office in Pakistan cannot hold any other nationality. The Supreme Court of Pakistan while interpreting this clause has elaborated that only those holding singular citizenship of Pakistan qualify for constitutional or elected public office. Unfortunately in spite of these laws, numerous paid public office holders who play a vital role in formulating state policies and decide the fate of millions who will live and die in this country hold either an immigration status such as Green Card, etc making them eligible to apply for a foreign passport. If the spirit of constitution is to be followed, no individual holding any paid or elected office of importance, either in civil, uniformed including foreign service, judiciary and regulatory institutions such as State Bank, FBR, National Bank, SECP, NAB, etc should have no conflicts of interest nor should their dependent children or spouse have any such status, because they can have access to sensitive documents. 

Should it not bother those at the helm of affairs in Pakistan. If the PM, CM, Federal or Provincial Ministers, heads of security and intelligence services, federal/provincial bureaucrats, diplomats, etc have their families living abroad, where they own all assets and as such are susceptible to foreign pressures. 


Lahore, January 4.a