Being a father of a five years old Adan Zainab, I could not sleep for nights because of the tragic incident of Zainab. It was very painful when I knew that such shameless people are also living on earth that preys to innocent children for sexual pleasure.

Where we stand depends on where we sit. Few days ago, I tried to evaluate where we were standing in the community. I studied different books related to societies and concluded that every nation needs positive changes, but only a very short proportion achieve their targets. In Pakistan, social problems are diverse which are easy to handle, but nobody is ready to think about them. We are facing various immoral incidents because of human inaction. We know that our young generation is talented, gifted, and brilliant, and is our real asset. We need to groom our generations regarding positive social behaviour, including good and bad deeds.

It is a very harrowing year of 2018 when six years old daughter Zainab endured rape and strangled to death by the cruel killer on 4th Jan 2018. The same incident occurred two months before when Kaenat Batool was raped; she is still admitted to Children Hospital Lahore. This brutal incident left an imprint in my brain that how she must be crying? Did somebody see that cruel killer? If somebody saw the rapist, should divulge it in front of media and court. This is the time to speak for Zainab and many other such beautiful daughters who went through the same fate. I know that it was challenging to resist against that rapist because of her childhood and innocence. I think our society forgets their direction of religion and humanity, and the number of crime perpetrators has increased in our community.

What should public perform for present and future security of our beautiful children? I would like to share my observations regarding our current society. Our society needs purgation. The major problem of our people is how to convey a positive message to our young generation either through social media or providing them practical demonstration about how to secure themselves from nefarious perpetrators. The best thing is to create a friendly environment with your children and teach them about good and bad touches and spend your time with them rather than social media and cell phone.

It does not seem to be tough to implement a rule against those people who are involved in child abuse. It is not tough to exert your mental forces in changing the habits of your children and society. Teach collectivism to your generation rather than individualism. Laws are never as effective as habits.

At the onset, I’d humbly like to request every member of society to play his/her role before we see another Zainab raped and brutally killed. It’s time to take action. We must remember that nations are made with individuals and each individual plays a vital role in a positive society and nation. Let me share a three steps formula to be followed by each person of our country:

Be friendly with your children. Don’t ever scare them because if they’re scared, they will never share their experiences with you.

2. It’s the responsibility of every mother to vigilantly observe the behaviours of their children. In case you find any unusual behaviour, excitement, anger, frustration in your child, don’t take that lightly. Discuss with him/her. This is only possible if you follow the first step (Be friendly).

3.Teach your children about private parts, about good and bad touches. In our culture, it is considered a taboo topic to talk about these issues but it is not. It’s better to teach them about to avoid any unwanted consequences.

In a nutshell, I urge each one of you to please play your role. We have to make this society a beautiful and secure society for our next generations. We can’t blame any government, school or any other organization. It’s our collective responsibility.