RAWALPINDI: Two persons stormed Police Station Cantt and physically assaulted a police officer besides ransacking his office and hurling threats of dire consequences at him, informed a police spokesman on Monday.

The attackers also tried to obtain the forceful custody of a man who was said to be brother of an accused and was wanted by police in bank cheque disowning case. The attacker was invited to the police station by Sub Inspector (SI) Idrees Satti for a meeting with the applicant to sort out the pending case since the accused was on run, he said.

However, the police thwarted attempt of the attackers, identified as Akmal Khan and Iftikhar Ali, and detained them, the spokesman added. He added that City Police Officer Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi took immediate notice of the issue and ordered DSP Cantt Raja Taifoor to inquire about the matter and submit his report before CPO Office.

According to him, SI Idrees Satti invited a man named Naheem Qureshi to the police station for negotiation with Faisal Iqbal, the applicant of a case number 571/17 he got registered against Wasim Qureshi, the brother of Naheem Qureshi, under section 489F. He said the two parties were engaged talks to solve the monetary issue when suddenly two men, Akmal and Iftikhar, stormed into the office of SI Idrees. The men began using abusive language against the SI and making videos with their cell phones. He informed that Iftikhar attacked SI Idrees by grabbing him from the collar of uniform and pulling him up from his chair.  The attacker then punched his face. The attackers also ransacked the office of police officer, broke the table glass and then moved to courtyard of police station where they hurled threats of dire consequences at police officers present in the police station . In the meantime, the attackers tried to take Naheem Qureshi along with them but other cops came forward and thwarted their attempt.

The news of the attack spread quickly and CPO Israr Abbasi ordered DSP Raja Taifoor to visit the police station to inquire about the matter. It was revealed to the DSP that the two attackers belonged to some media outlet and stormed the police station after reports that police had arrested Naheem Qureshi without any reason. On this DSP allowed the two persons to go, the spokesman said. He added that CPO asked DSP to mention occurrence of the incident in the daily crime register so that legal action could be taken against the attackers.

DSP Raja Taifoor, when contacted, said “Nobody is allowed to take law into his/her hands. Strict action will be taken against the attackers regardless of their association with any media outlet,” Raja Taifoor said.–Staff Reporter     

Another senior police officer told The Nation the attackers would not be spared at any cost and legal action would be initiated against them. He said he had also ordered DSP to finalise his inquiry report as soon as possible so that formal First Information Report (FIR) could be chalked out against the culprits.